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The Project

Project Aim and Challenges

Lovers Walk is situated on the scenic King Charles III coastal path. A 23 mile long path in South Gloucestershire, this particular section of the pathway was a highly frequented route for dog walkers, offering breathtaking views of the coastline. Due to an ageing timber bridge that had deteriorated to the point of failure, the pathway had to be closed to ensure the safety of the public. In addition to this, the original Victorian abutments were also showing signs of crumbling so had to be repaired in conjunction with the replacement of the bridge.

Crestmoor Construction was entrusted with the task of revitalising this important segment of the coastal pathway. The project presented unique challenges, as it required scaffolding and abseiling equipment to repair the crumbling abutments and to install the new bridge.

The primary goal of the project was to work with Natural England, who was funding the project, and North Somerset Council to replace the failed timber bridge with a more durable and sustainable alternative. Natural England’s key requirements were longevity in construction materials as well as a timber look. The new bridge had to withstand the coastal elements while maintaining a natural appearance to blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Similarly, North Somerset Council, the local authority overseeing the project, specified POLYdeck™ due to its eco-friendly attributes. It aids them in meeting their 2030 carbon footprint targets. POLYbridge™ is made from recycled materials, containing 2200 500ml plastic bottles, further contributing to sustainability efforts.

POLYdeck™ has a design life of over 75 years, which was a key factor in meeting the project’s longevity requirements. The material’s resistance to corrosion and decay made it the perfect choice for the harsh coastal environment.

The outcome

The replacement of the timber bridge on the coastal pathway with a POLYdeck™ bridge not only ensures the safety and enjoyment of the scenic route for dog walkers but also aligns with environmental and sustainability goals. Crestmoor Construction’s innovative approach to repairing the historical abutments and implementing a modern, eco-friendly bridge material.

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