Polydeck’s GRP boardwalks are made in the same way as our bridges and comprise decking planks which are fixed on a pultruded GRP sub-structure.

POLYwalk™ boardwalks are designed to replace traditional timber structures which rot and become unsafe to use. The unique GRP structure ensures that our boards and sub-frame will not rot over time and provide an anti-slip walking surface for pedestrians and cyclists.  Ideal for use in forests, wetlands and walkways along the coast, where the damp environment can very quickly destroy a traditional timber structure.

Just like our bridges, POLYwalks boardwalks are hard to distinguish from natural timber and so blend into the natural environment.



Come in a range of standard sections either 3 metres long or 6 metres long which can be bolted together to form longer lengths.


Made from lightweight GRP which makes sections easy to carry to potentially remote installation sites.


Typically 1200mm wide walkways, but up to 3m wide can be achieved from one plank.


Loading typically to 5KN per SQM UDL, but higher loadings can be achieved.

made from grp

Made from GRP in a thermoset process, so unlike re-cycled plastic options, our boardwalks will not warp in hot weather.

re-cycled plastic bottles

The structural foam core is made from 100% re-cycled plastic bottles. Every Square metre of foam removes 140 x 500ml plastic bottles from landfill.

design life

Design life in excess of 75 years. Outlasts traditional timber boardwalks by 10 times.

natural environment

Unique timber deck finish which blends with the natural environment.


Quick and simple to install, which reduces time on site and costs.

slip resistant

Slip Resistant walkway planks with PTV of ’92’ even when wet Low Slip Potential. Ensures the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian users.

finishes & Colours

A range of walkway plank finishes and colours to suit the natural environment.


There are various options and accessories available to assist with POLYboardwalks installation and use.

Extended areas

To augment the boardwalk in locations such as fishing lakes & seating areas.

Bump Strips / Upstands

Available for the safety of wheelchair users.

Single Hand Rail

Matching wood effect handrail.

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